Meet your Farmers

Hannah Bihun

Hannah grew up in east end of Winnipeg. She has been interested in farming since 2016 when she worked as a farm hand on a small-scale, organic fruit farm. Her time on the farm peaked her interest not only in growing her own food and honing the skills of a homesteader, but growing food for people in her community and sharing these passions with those around her. She is a graduate student at the University of Manitoba, where she has been involved in research projects around food waste and food insecurity, young farmers in Manitoba, and the ways that changes in land ownership patterns in Manitoba affect farmers and rural communities. Her passions centre on building more sustainable food systems that include engaged, educated consumers, supports for young people entering agriculture, and support for a diversity of models of food production and distribution.

In her spare time, Hannah loves to flex her creative muscles and work with her hands through pottery, macramé and weaving. She brings her creations to market alongside the vegetables that she grows with love and patience.

Jason Maas

Jason grew up in the north end of Winnipeg where he dreamed of living in the forest – the farm is the manifestation of those dreams. He brings to the farm a passion for the inner workings of the ecosystem. Over the last few years he has been working to develop his skills identifying plants and learning about their role in the ecosystem as well as their edibility and other uses. His love for the outdoors and exploring our land came first, and the desire to grow food on a small-scale followed.

In his spare time Jason can be found foraging for edible plants in the forest, boiling down Birch sap to make syrup, brewing a batch of beer or working hard in the garden.

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